How much do people’s perceptions change who i become?

This week, Robin shares both his funniest and his less fun memories growing up. We talk about his family, his music, the expectations of other people, and everything else in between.

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What we asked

  • What’s your story?
  • How was growing up with famous parents?
  • What were you struggles with the local music industry?
  • How did your experiences shape the artist you are?

Some people can’t distinguish both. It’s like, sometimes, the second they work, they put on a smile. I don’t know if smile is real anymore.

Robin Nievera

we should appreciate the artists that we have for who they are, especially if they’re trying not to be what used to work.

You know, you’re trying to do this thing, you’re trying to pave the way-and that’s really, really difficult- so that the next singers who come after me could also just be themselves.

Robin Nievera

Stay tuned for his answer and the second part of our conversation next week!

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Be brave, be kind.

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