Why have I been feeling tired lately?

Everyone seems to be tired easily these days! Physical, mental, emotional fatigue is taking a toll on us, and it’s crazy to realize that we’ve been allowing ourselves to be drained by expectations -from ourselves, and others. In a time where we need to redefine relationships and rethink our lifestyle, it’s time we question what really matters most to us.

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  • What does being tired have to do with expectations?
  • Why do expectations always seem impossible to meet? 
  • How can I take care of myself, when I’m busy doing other things?
  • How can I better manage myself to meet expectations and avoid fatigue? 
  • Won’t I be disappointing other people, or worse, selling myself short?

The outward freedom that we shall attain will only be in exact proportion to the inward freedom to which we may have grown at a given moment. And if this is a correct view of freedom, our chief energy must be concentrated on achieving reform from within.


It’s not your job to change or fix other people. It’s not your job to prove yourself or gain approval from other people. You don’t owe anybody anything beyond a basic level of respect. So take care of yourself, manage your energy and your boundaries, and feel the space around you grow lighter.

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