Is surviving the only way we know how to live? – Part 2

Last week we asked what surviving in this absurd world means, especially with the need for moral relativism when considering the social contract theory, the state of nature, and… the meaning of life. This week, does that mean that to be free, we have no choice by to accept the status quo?

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The shadow and illusory superiority

Carl Jung, claims that in the depths in our mind, lives what he calls The Shadow: the part in our psyche that we typically refuse to acknowledge.

Illusory Superiority is the fancy word for our positive cognitive bias of ourselves, where we overestimate our qualities and underestimate our flaws.

the presence of random injustice means that there is no justice. The fact that innocence can be destroyed means that there is no innocence

The Joker – Dark Knight Rises

Paradox: balance and the transparency of evil

Through what Jean Beaudrillard calls Incessant Commutation, nothing disappears or dies, it simply disappears through proliferation, contamination or simulation.

All liberation affects Good and Evil equally. The liberation of morals and minds entails crimes and catastrophes. The liberation of law and pleasure leads inevitably to the liberation of crime.”

Jean Beaudrillard

Question your fight and what you stand for, And if what you’re doing is somehow, in whatever way, contributes to advancing what you believe in.

Because I guess if you look at it through this lens, that means that if we weren’t surviving, then we aren’t living. and if we aren’t living, then… what the hell are we doing?

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I’m curious about what you think and feel about this topic and about your own survival story. Please don’t hesitate to share them with me and our community!

Be brave, be kind,