Is there really a choice between life or death?

A very special guest, jokingly naming himself as “Lead in the Head” answered difficult questions about surviving mental illness, such as “what was happening at that time?”, “how did he cope?”, and “how did this change him” as he candidly reflects on his experience about depression and suicide.

He shares how, ultimately, failure led him towards a happier, more fulfilled life of acceptance

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**Trigger Warning**

And that different person buried that person, the other person, for a year. There’s a birthday that I celebrate.

The meaning of life therefore, is derived by how you live every day. I think there’s a quiet beauty in that and quiet happiness in that.

Transcript of this episode here.

Once again, I would like to thank my friend for his candor and insights. Hearing his story all over again personally made me feel less alone, and I hope you do too.

322 M

people in the world suffering from depression

800 K

die from suicide every year


women are twice as likely to be affected than men

Be brave, be kind.